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Equipment for forestry

Buckets, grabs and forks for forestry work

We have the typology of forestry equipment more efficient in order to carry out the collecting and the loading of the logs.

Our forestry equipment are made with high resistance steels in the structural parts and with HB400/450 steels in the parts subjected to wear, pins and bushings are made with special heat treated steels and rectified, continue... and they have an high clamping force.

They can be used for the maintenance of green areas but also to operate safely in more precarious conditions, such as critical access points.

The forestry equipment includes clamshell bucket for loading wood chips, log grabs, multipurpose forks as well as for crane and mini excavators, mechanical and hydraulic rotators, accessories for crane.
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Clamshell buckets
clamshell bucket for grain
series BOL-C
Clamshell bucket for loading woodchips and grain
Hydraulic grapples
Log grab
series TM
Log grab
Log grabs
series T
Log grabs
Fork for Mini-Excavators
series FM
Multipurpose fork for mini-excavators
Industrial forks
series BPF
Industrial multipurpose Forks

Accessories for rotators
Accessories for Rotators
Mechanical Rotator
series GM
Mechanical rotator for crane
Hydraulics rotators
serie GV
Hydraulic rotator with unlimited rotation
Accessories for crane
Box for Crane Stabilizer Pad
series BOX
Box for stabilizer pads
Pads for cranes
series PED
Stabilizer pads for crane
Round Stabilizer pads
series PEDT
Round Stabilizer pads
Hook for crane
series RH
Hook for crane
Tizmar Hydraulic Equipment
Equipment for Cranes and Excavators in the World
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