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Equipment for Building

We are more than just a supplier of construction equipment

We are the active partners for your construction work and we provide you with the most powerful equipment designed and built for you.

The structural groups of our equipment are built with high limit of strength steels, the parts subjected to wear are made with steels HB400/450 with high wear resistance, pins and bushings are made with special heat treated steels and rectified, continue... the hydraulic cylinders of all our equipment are suitable for work, guaranteeing reliable performance over time.

The quality of the material used and the accurate manufacture, for the 95% made internally, are the best guarantee for our construction products.

Our equipment include: clamshell buckets, buckets with horizontal cylinder, buckets with vertical cylinder, light buckets, log grabs, forks, baskets for operators and accessories for crane.
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Clamshell buckets
Clamshell bucket with horizontal cylinder
Series BO
Clamshell Buckets for handling different materials
Clamshell bucket for the maintenance of green area
series BOA
Clamshell bucket with horizontal cylinder
Grab Bucket for Handling Rocks
series BSG
Grab bucket for building and demolitions
Clamshell bucket for agricultural works
series BOS CL.12/22
Clamshell buckets for loading
Clamshell bucket with vertical cylinder
series BIVA
Clamshell buckets with horizontal cylinder
Light Clamshell Bucket
series BL
Light clamshell bucket with horizontal cylinder
Light clamshell bucket
series BLA
Light clamshell bucket with horizontal cylinder
Grab Bucket
series BM2/BM4
Grab Bucket for loading and digging
Bucket for Materials Handling
series BOB
Bucket for handling materials

BOL-A series
Clamshell bucket for loading
Clamshell Bucket for Loading Materials
series BOL/BOP
Clamshell bucket for loading materials
Clamshell bucket with two cylinders
series BOP-G
Bucket with two cylinders for heavy excavators
Clamshell Buckets for Loading Materials
series BOS
Clamshell bucket for loading
Light clamshell bucket
series BOS-L
Clamshell buckets for loading

BOZ series
Bucket for Z cranes
Bucket with Ejectors
series BT-E
Clamshell bucket with ejectors
Clamshell bucket with semi-vertical cylinders
series BT-F
Clamshell bucket with semi-vertical cylinders
Bucket for Digging
series BT-R
Clamshell bucket for loading and digging
Hydraulic grapples
Hydraulic Clamps
series PIB
Clamp for cement blocks or expanced clay
Grapple for Loading
series PSB
Grapple for loading poles and tubes
Pallet Forks
series FTP
Pallet Forks

Accessories for rotators
Accessories for Rotators
Mechanical Rotator
series GM
Mechanical rotator for crane
Piston Rotator
series GRT 500
Piston rotator for crane
Piston Rotators
series GRT 600/700
Piston rotator for crane
Hydraulics rotators
serie GV
Hydraulic rotator with unlimited rotation
Baskets for operators
baskets for cranes
series CES
Baskets for crane with self-balancing system
Baskets for Crane
series CES/GIR
Turning baskets for crane
Accessories for crane
Box for Crane Stabilizer Pad
series BOX
Box for stabilizer pads
Hooks for Crane
serie GI
Hydraulic hook for crane
Pads for cranes
series PED
Stabilizer pads for crane
Round Stabilizer pads
series PEDT
Round Stabilizer pads
Hook for crane
series RH
Hook for crane
Connections for excavators
Two-pin attachment for excavator
Connection for quick coupling with 2 pins
Models of connections for excavators
Standard double link connection
Standard double link connection
Models of connections for excavators
Double joint coupling with plate for excavator
Double link conection with plate
Models of connections for excavators
Orbital rotator attachment for excavator
Gear rotator connection
Models of connections for excavators
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