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Agricultural and Industrial Forks

Production and sale of manure forks,
forks for building and recycling and pallet forks

Tizmar forks

Designed for the lifting, handling and positioning of various materials, our forks are reliable and efficient for any type of load. continue... For almost 40 years we internally produce the best forks for your work.
The production cycle takes place for 95% in our headquarter. It’ starts from the accurate choice of  materials and from trusted suppliers. Our experienced staff does the rest, building clamshell buckets with an average life of 20 years that don’t require any other intervention than regular maintenance.

Our hydraulic and mechanical forks are traditional equipment for agricultural and industrial forks, for the handling of organic materials, pallets, for the recycling and for the gardening.
Versatile and easy to manipulate, our forks are equipped with different combinations of teeth to allow maximum control during the operation of  loading and unloading of materials.
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Fork for Excavators
series FOI
Industrial fork for excavators and loaders
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Manure Fork
series FO/FOH
Manure fork
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Fork for Mini-Excavators
series FM
Multipurpose fork for mini-excavators
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series FLA
Fork for firewood
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Industrial forks
series BPF
Industrial multipurpose Forks
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Manure Fork
series FOPH
Manure fork for mini-excavators
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Manure Forks
series FS
Manure Forks
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Pallet Forks
series FTP
Pallet Forks
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FV series
Manure forks
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FVE Series
Manure forks
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The fields of application

The fields of application of the Forks include:

  • agricultural works
  • maintenance of green areas
  • environmental remediation
  • quarries and mines
  • maritime maintenance
  • railway maintenance
Manufacturing features

All our forks are made with high resistance material, and they are equipped with forged teeth, or HB400/450 teeth, according to the model and they are designed for the handling of materials in reliable way, consistently and in total safety.

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The industrial forks

The industrial forks are used for loading and handling of manure, agricultural and forestry waste and for the recycling of solid urban waste.

With a great capacity and precision, they are equipped with a clamp system that guarantees an high capability of grab.

The horizontal forks are suitable to equip operating machines, mini-crane, excavators and loaders up to 16 Tons.

It is included in the range of industrial forks, also a special type of fork designed for the handling of pallets.

They are used in the builing sites and in all the works where it is required the use of the fork to lift pallets loads.

The pallet fork joins strength, load protection and perfect visibility of the operator, which can load and unload pallets with precision and safety.

Construction features of Tizmar Pallet forks

All our pallet forks are made with high resistance materials as the hot laminated tubular in S355 and they are designed to handle materials in reliable, constant and in total safety way. They are supplied ready to use.

Tizmar agricultural forks

The agricultural forks are designed with different combinations of teeth and cylinders.

The forks for agricultural works with horizontal cylinder have great opening and great loading capacity. They are used for the handling of manure, hay, branches, leaves, gardening waste, wood and organic materials.

The hydraulic forks with vertical cylinder are more suitable to work in depth and they can equip machines up to 8 Tons.

They have big power in the grab materials for heavy agricultural works as well as the care of large green areas.

The assembly of the forks

Our forks are equipped with an easier mounting system and they are suitable to be mounted on: truck crane, mini-crane, manure loading machines, earthmoving machines, operating machines, tractors, excavators, agricultural loaders and mini excavators.

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