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Hydraulic, Mechanical and Piston Rotators

Production and sell of rotators for cranes,
loaders, excavators and forestry grabs

Tizmar rotators

The hydraulic rotators are accessories to equip Tizmar products and they are able to give them a rotation of 360°. continue... For almost 40 years we internally produce the mechanical rotators 300° and we supply hydraulic rotators 360°of manufacturers at the world's top level of the industry
The production cycle takes place for 95% in our headquarter. It’ starts from the accurate choice of  materials and from trusted suppliers. Our experienced staff does the rest, building clamshell buckets with an average life of 20 years that don’t require any other intervention than regular maintenance.
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Accessories for rotators
Accessories for Rotators
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Mechanical Rotator
series GM
Mechanical rotator for crane
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Piston Rotator
series GRT 500
Piston rotator for crane
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Piston Rotators
series GRT 600/700
Piston rotator for crane
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Hydraulics rotators
serie GV
Hydraulic rotator with unlimited rotation
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Manufacturing features

The wide range of rotators allows to perfect the equipment according to the requirements and to the capacity of the material. The different types of rotators respond to different axial capacity and torque values and are suitable according to the type of application.

For example, the mechanical rotators for crane has a capacity up to 5000 Kg. while the piston rotators are characterized by the possibility to work both vertically and horizontally. All of our rotator systems are complemented by a range of products that complete the equipment. You can find counterflange and suspension links for the crane boom.

All our rotators are designed to be mounted on industrial vehicles, lorries, cranes, forestry cranes, truck cranes, earthmoving machinery, loaders, hydraulic excavators and mini-excavators.

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Advantages of Tizmar rotators

The hydraulic rotators can be used for the continue rotation of forestry and agricultural grabs, polyp grabs, clamshell buckets, buckets for demolition and log grabs

The rotation up to 360° has 3 main advantages:

- It increases the precision of gripping
- It speeds up the operations of work
- It limits the movement operations

They are available in different models to be combined to the equipment, to the stresses it has to bear and the degree of inertia and weight of the materials to be moved.

Types of Tizmar rotators

These accessories are equipped with high performance in terms of elasticity and strength and with several mechanisms that make them adaptable to various equipment and different uses. They are designed for continuous orientation up to 360 ° in both directions of rotation.

The rotators can be classified according to the mechanism:

- Mechanical
With Pistons

Rotators for:
Tizmar Hydraulic Equipment
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