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Hydraulic grab for loading
for cranes and excavators

Production and sale of hydraulic grabs
for handling of different materials and logs

Tizmar hydraulic grabs

Designed for the selection and handling of building materials, poles, tubes and logs, our grabs are reliable and have the maximum grip accuracy and high loading capacity. continue...

For almost 40 years we internally produce the best clamshell buckets for your work.
The production cycle takes place for 95% in our headquarter. It’ starts from the accurate choice of  materials and from trusted suppliers. Our experienced staff does the rest, building clamshell buckets with an average life of 20 years that don’t require any other intervention than regular maintenance
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Log grab
series TM
Log grab
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Hydraulic Clamps
series PIB
Clamp for cement blocks or expanced clay
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Grapple for Loading
series PSB
Grapple for loading poles and tubes
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Grapple for loading: Series PSB1
Grapple for loading materials: Series PSB1
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Log grabs
series T
Log grabs
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The fields of application

The fields of application of hydraulic grabs include:

  • agricultural works
  • maintenance of green areas
  • environmental remediations
  • quarries and mines
  • maritime maintenance
  • railway maintenance
Manufacturing features

All our grabs are made with high resistance materials for the structural part and with steels HB400/450 for the parts subjected to wear and are planned for the handling of materials in a realiable way, stable and in total safety.

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Hydraulic grabs for building

Our grabs can be distinguished according to the type of use.              

The grabs for building are used for loading operations and for the handling of poles, tubes, pavè and brick blocks.

Of an high-capacity and precision are equipped with a hydraulic system that ensures high performance and remarkable range of action.

The clamps of our grabs are optimized to handle large loads such as blocks and pavé.

Some models are adjustable in height to increase their operating value.

Hydraulic Grabs for agricultural and forestry applications

The log grabs are made with a structure of high quality materials and high resistance.

The forestry grabs allow to collect high quantities of materials and are designed to have a precise and effective grip.

They are used for loading and handling of tree logs, branches, beams and sleepers for railway.

The log grabs are used in forestry and agricultural field.

Thanks to the high closure power and the remarkable loading capacity, our log grabs make optimal the selection and the handling of logs, increasing the loading capacity and reducing the working times.

The loading capacity changes according to the log grabs up to a maximum of 5 Tons.

The crossed teeth, allow to tighten the wood to handle, avoiding dangerous falls during loading and unloading

The assembly of hydraulic grabs

Our grabs have an easy mounting system and are designed to be mounted on fixed cranes, truck cranes, forestry cranes, earthmoving machines, forestry loaders, wheeled excavators and mining excavators.

Hydraulic grapples for:
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