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Heavy and Light Clamshell Buckets
for cranes and excavators

Production and sale of hydraulic clamshell buckets
for loading and digging

Tizmar Clamshell Buckets

The use of special steels and internal processing techniques allow us to present you a rich selection of buckets for different fields. continue... For almost 40 years we internally produce the best clamshell buckets for your work. The production cycle takes place for 95% in our headquarter. It’ starts from the accurate choice of  materials and from trusted suppliers. Our experienced staff does the rest, building clamshell buckets with an average life of 20 years that don’t require any other intervention than regular maintenance.
We have developed  buckets with specific features in order to favour the penetration into any kind of material. The wear resistance of our buckets is also demonstrated in very abrasive soils and under extreme working conditions.
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Grab Bucket for Handling Rocks
series BSG
Grab bucket for building and demolitions
Clamshell bucket with horizontal cylinder
Series BO
Clamshell Buckets for handling different materials
Clamshell bucket for the maintenance of green area
series BOA
Clamshell bucket with horizontal cylinder
Clamshell bucket for agricultural works
series BOS CL.12/22
Clamshell buckets for loading

series BECE
Buckets for recycling and agriculture
Clamshell bucket with vertical cylinder
series BIVA
Clamshell buckets with horizontal cylinder
Light Clamshell Bucket
series BL
Light clamshell bucket with horizontal cylinder
Light clamshell bucket
series BLA
Light clamshell bucket with horizontal cylinder
Grab Bucket
series BM2/BM4
Grab Bucket for loading and digging
Bucket for Materials Handling
series BOB
Bucket for handling materials

BOL-A series
Clamshell bucket for loading
Clamshell Bucket for Loading Materials
series BOL/BOP
Clamshell bucket for loading materials
clamshell bucket for grain
series BOL-C
Clamshell bucket for loading woodchips and grain
Clamshell bucket with two cylinders
series BOP-G
Bucket with two cylinders for heavy excavators
Clamshell Buckets for Loading Materials
series BOS
Clamshell bucket for loading
Light clamshell bucket
series BOS-L
Clamshell buckets for loading

BOS 12A series
Loading bucket for mini-excavators

BOZ series
Bucket for Z cranes
Heavy bucket
series BP
Heavy bucket for loading and digging
Buckets for maritime and building maintenance
series BT
Clamshell bucket with semi-vertical cylinders
Bucket with Ejectors
series BT-E
Clamshell bucket with ejectors
Clamshell bucket with semi-vertical cylinders
series BT-F
Clamshell bucket with semi-vertical cylinders
Bucket for Digging
series BT-R
Clamshell bucket for loading and digging

BT-S series
Special clamshell bucket for loading and digging
Clamshell Buckets with Vertical Cylinder
series BV
Clamshell bucket with vertical cylinder
baskets for beets
series C
Basket for beets

series CB
Beet baskets

Series CE
Beet basket
Buckets for glass
series CEVE
Clamshell bucket for glass and cereals
The fields of application

Fields of application of clamshell buckets include:

  • bulding
  • demolitions
  • quarries and mines
  • earthmoving
  • recycling
  • agriculture
  • forestry
  • gardening
  • maritime maintenance
  • railway maintenance
  • maintenance of green areas
  • environmental remediations
Manufacturing features

The carpentry and structural groups of all our buckets are made with high strength steels and parts subject to wear with HB400 /450, the hydraulic cylinders are suitable for working at high operating pressures, guaranteeing reliable performance over time.

Pins and bushings are made with steels with heat-hardening treatment to ensure long life, even with poor lubrication and under severe conditions.

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Light and Heavy clamshell buckets

We manufacture light clamshell buckets for efforts contained and light loads such as handling agricultural waste, soil, branches and all the materials of medium consistency and low specific weight.

For heavy load applications, we have a wide range of heavy buckets, with normal and double vertical cylinders, used for demolition, digging and loading of high abrasive materials such as mines, quarries and rocky grounds.

The reinforced structure increases the strength and longevity of our heavy buckets that do not fear even extreme stresses.

Clamshell buckets for loading and digging

The clamshell buckets can be distinguished according to the type of use, for loading and for digging.

The clamshell buckets for loading with horizontal cylinders are used for operations of environmental remediations and handling of: industrial and agricultural waste, ground, sand, gravel, mortar, sludge, wood, coal, fertilizers, glass, plastic, iron, minerals and materials in general, cereals and beetroots.

The buckets for digging have vertical cylinders and reinforced sides, planned for ensure an high penetration and resistance.

The assembly of clamshell buckets

Our clamshell buckets have an easy mounting system and are designed to be mounted on fixed cranes, truck cranes, forestry cranes, earthmoving machines, forestry loaders, wheeled excavators and mining excavators.

Clamshell buckets for:
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